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A 100-acre estate located in the charming village of Benburb which sits on the bank of the stunning River Blackwater. 

Priory House, Benburb Castle, the Benburb Centre, Library and Museum, The Stables Coffee Shop and the Benburb Arts and Craft Studios are located on the northern bank of the river Blackwater which lies within County Tyrone, whilst much of the magnificent woodland lies on the southern side of of the river in County Armagh. 

Explore and enjoy stunning natural and built heritage within the Benburb Valley Park through nature walks along the Blackwater River. The river has carved out a beautiful gorge through the countryside and is an ideal location for walking. 

Make your way to the front of the main Priory building, before heading downhill along the path towards Benburb Castle and the River Blackwater. A Bluebell Walk has recently been developed on site and this can be enjoyed if you bear right before reaching the Castle. Descend to the River Blackwater, crossing the river using the charming white metal bridge. The river is popular with anglers and canoeists. Enjoy the network of paths on the southern side of the river before returning to make your way back up to the Priory Building. 

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