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Benburb Priory is the perfect outing for school groups.

Benburb Priory would like to invite your class to visit!   

Packed with learning and curriculum links; our guided tour takes your students around amazing locations topped off with fun on-site activities. 

Visit Benburb Priory Library & Museum 

State of the art visitor centre that includes a museum to teach students about our historic estate. Enjoy our Café, complete with Wi-Fi, toilets, breakout spaces and more. 

Visit Benburb Castle 

Stop off at the amazing Benburb Castle and learn about the O’Neill’s and the ‘Battle of Benburb’.

Visit Valley Park 

Explore over 100 acres of valley woodland and walk along the banks of the Blackwater River. Learn about the wide natural heritage and ecology of the valley. 

School Retreats

We also offer several school retreats, focused on topics including:

  • Spiritual Disciplines (Prayer, meditation, simplicity, etc)
  • Christian Identity in the 21st Century
  • Christian Care for the Environment
  • Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Rhetoric, and Christian Social Teaching
  • A Christian Introduction to Poetry
  • The Spiritual Power of Music
  • And more…
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Visits are available from:

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm
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