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Benburb Priory is world-renowned as a place of peace. It has been a centre for retreats for many decades. We offer these to meet your group’s needs. Retreats are open to people of different ages and backgrounds. Please call 02837548241 or complete the enquiry form below.

The Servite Priory of Benburb was opened on 5th June 1949 by a small group of Servite Friars who came from Chicago in 1948, with a spirit of prayer and healing. At this present time the Priory is essentially a house of healing and reconciliation.

People come as individuals or in a group to experience a spiritual and cultural oasis, a unique heritage centre with iconic buildings, castle and nice pathways. It is indeed a place of natural beauty and tranquillity with the River Blackwater running through its grounds.

In keeping with its ambience, the Priory has an open-door policy providing pastoral, educational, spiritual and community support to individuals of all ages.

The Friar Servants of Mary, called the Servites together with the Servite family and friends of the Servites and many other collaborators, around them many people from near and far gather to be part of this quiet goodness. Hence the Priory is a place of meeting, sharing ideas, and moving into a new and brighter future

At Benburb Priory, we organise several retreats and functions each year. These are open to all who wish to avail of them.

If you are interested in any of these, full details can be obtained by following our online updates or contacting us at Benburb Priory. We are delighted to accommodate groups wishing to organise or book retreats, conferences, seminars workshops and functions at Benburb Priory. Our new booking system should make this easier than ever.

Benburb Priory’s extensive, beautiful grounds and pleasant walks create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere conducive to prayer, reflection, and rest. The beauty of the creation around our grounds, River Blackwater and life-filled woodlands offers the pilgrim a deeper awareness of the God of Creation. It is an invitation to be in closer communion with such a loving God, nature, and our fellow creatures.

Alongside our beautiful Chapel and Pilgrim Walk, one can find many other quiet, comfortable places in which to pray. All of these combine to make Benburb Priory a perfect place for any kind of retreat.

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