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“The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.” - Fr Thomas Merton

Pastoral Care is visiting, counselling or otherwise helping people within our community- especially those who are experiencing a difficult time- with a focus on healing, reconciling, guiding, and sustaining. This includes counselling and prayer. Pastoral Care at Benburb Priory is provided in several ways— through visitations with one of our priests, receiving the sacrament of confession, a blessing, or the Holy oil of St Peregrine.

St Peregrine Laziosi (a Servite saint) was born in Italy in 1256. A riotous young man, he had a conversion experience and entered the Servite Order as a lay brother. At the age of 60 he contracted cancer of the leg. Before he could be operated on, he prayed before the image of Christ on the cross. Falling asleep, he dreamt that Christ came from the cross, touched and healed him. When he awoke the cancer had gone. He is venerated throughout the church as the patron of those suffering from cancer. His feast is May 4th.

The purpose of the St Peregrine Centre at Benburb is to provide a facility for people to help those deal with crisis times in their lives caused by cancer. Callers may be patients themselves or a relative or a friend. Often, they feel lonely, confused, and have difficulty coping. Here we try to help people come to terms with their situation, by sharing their story in an atmosphere of trust and care.

We offer no false hope or instant miracles but as Christians, we offer them prayer, love, and concern. When they ask for a blessing, we prepare them to own their present situation and leave that in the hands of God so as they may be led and guided by His Spirit.

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