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Since coming to Benburb, the Servites have maintained an ‘open door’ policy to all of the community regardless of religion. Benburb Priory is seen as a haven where people can come and feel welcome.

The Story of the Servites                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The Order of the Servants of Mary, whose members are known as Servites, was founded in 1233. In that year seven merchants in Florence left their families and businesses to form a religious community.  They were known for their devotion to the Virgin Mary – hence the name of their order. A monastery was established at Monte Senario, near Florence, around 1245 and it continues to be regarded as the order’s ‘mother house’. 

Our Core Mission

To manifest God’s compassionate presence in the spirit of Mary. Servite Friars live in a community gathered together in the Name of the Lord Jesus, in the service of God and his people inspired by Mary, mother and servant of the Lord.  They live a fraternal life embracing all kinds of human divisions and devote their attention to the service of the poor, the suffering and the needy in our society.


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