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Benburb Priory is open as a pastoral, retreat, and conference centre in the heart of Ulster.

Benburb Priory belongs to the Servite Order and is ideally located in the River Blackwater region bordering the counties of Tyrone and Armagh.   It offers religious services, conference room hire, meeting rooms, accommodation and a coffee shop with catering facilities.

Since coming to Benburb in 1949, the Servites have maintained an ‘open door’ policy and welcomes visitors and pilgrims from all faiths and backgrounds.  The Priory offers something for everyone and is a haven where people can come and feel welcome, or receive healing and Christian compassion. Visitors can choose to enjoy a tour of the Library and Museum which houses unique book collections dating back to the 17th century, or simply enjoy a family stroll around the historic Benburb Castle or walkways along the Blackwater River and Benburb Valley Park.  The Stables Coffee Shop is open daily and offers a space of relaxation to enjoy some home cooked food in the great outdoors of the beautiful Stables Courtyard.  All are located within the Priory’s 100 acre estate with free parking available.

The Priory welcomes pilgrims on all stages of their spiritual journey, offering solitude and silence through its nature, landscape and surroundings.  The Priory chapel is open daily and pilgrims have an opportunity to practice silent reflection at their own pace along the ‘Pilgrim Walk trail’.

The Priory also offers a shared meeting space for groups to come together to expand their skills, share knowledge, educate and participate in discussion, through talking and listening.   Groups congregate to offer courses and workshops in spiritual and human development as well as cultural and religious activities.

Please enjoy looking through our website and we look forward to welcoming you in the future!

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“The priory must become a household
word signifying charity of the highest
kind, unquestioning, open-handed,
open-housed to all visitors, even to
those who may be taking advantage
of us, because it will be founded on
Our Lord’s admonition to love.

What we have is from the faithful
anyhow, and doesn’t belong to us,
therefore, all of the faithful should
have free access to it”

Fr James Keane, December 1949

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